Unable to Reset Orbi? Do this!

Reset Orbi to Factory

Tried resetting my Orbi but can’t do so.” Sounds familiar? Yes! This is a common situation that is faced by many Orbi users. Are you one among them? Then get down to reading this article. We are going to help you fix this issue. There can be various instances that may force you to reset Orbi to factory settings. For example, you forgot the admin login password, or a firmware update failure happened. In another case, while troubleshooting some issues with Orbi you may need to reset Orbi or you are just not happy with its current settings. Whatever may the reason be, if you are not able to reset your Orbi to the factory settings, then follow the hacks mentioned in this post and resolve the issue in a jiffy.

Fixing Unable to Reset Orbi Issue

  1. Power Cycle Orbi

This is the very first action that you need to take whenever you are facing any issue with your technical devices. Power cycle them. This fixes minor technical issues with them. Who knows this may also fix the issue due to which you are forced to reset Orbi. Isn’t it possible? Yes very much possible. Besides, there are no side effects of the power cycling process. Thus without waiting any further minutes, get closer to your Orbi router and turn its power button off and disconnect the power supply. Unplug it from the power socket. Also, disconnect any other cable connected to it. Let Orbi router have some rest. After waiting for a couple of minutes, connect all the cables including the power cable. Plug it into the power outlet and turn the power button on.

Done? You can follow the same process with all the Orbi satellites as well. Once power cycling the entire Orbi system is done. See if the issue has been fixed. If it is still not fixed, then you may try resetting the Orbi now. If the Orbi is still not resetting to the factory values, then try the next hack in the list.

  1. Check Power Supply

Perhaps the power socket that you are using to supply power to the Orbi router is damaged. Or maybe the power cable is not plugged in properly. That means the power supply to the Orbi router is not stable. Fluctuating power supply may also stop you from resetting Netgear Orbi to the factory settings. So, if the power socket is damaged, then unplug the Orbi router from the current power socket and find another active and available power socket in your home. Found? Plug the Orbi router into the new socket now. Make sure the power adapter is not plugged in loosely. Once the Orbi router is powered up completely, try resetting it by pressing the Reset button.

  1. Use Orbi Web-Based Interface

If the above steps haven’t helped you to reset Orbi, know that you can also delete the Orbi configuration settings can also deleted using Orbi’s web-based interface. Here is how you can do so:

  • Power up your Orbi first.
  • Launch a web browser on a PC.
  • Visit orbilogin.net.
  • On the login window that opens up, enter the admin user name and password and click on the Log In button.
  • The Basic home screen will be displayed next.
  • Now, click on Advanced > Administration > Backup Settings.
  • Clicking on the Erase button and then on Yes will erase the current configuration settings from your Orbi router.

The Netgear Orbi router is now reset to factory settings.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to factory reset Orbi. Right after this, you need to perform the setup process again so that you can begin enjoying its network on various devices.

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