Unable to Access Extender Settings After Firmware Update?

To get the high speed internet throughout the house people perform the Netgear Nighthawk extender setup. But, nowadays, users came across with the issue after updating the firmware. They are not able to access the settings of their device due to some possible reasons. If you are also sailing into the same boat and look for the solutions to fix it, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we will discuss all the reason behind this issue and also give some troubleshooting tips that always work. So, we suggest you stick with the article and don’t miss out the information from it. Read on!

Reasons: Unable to Access Extender Settings

Well, there are many possible reasons that triggering this issue on your device. You don’t need to worry about them as we mentioned some of them that mostly cause this issue on extender. So, get familiar with them to fix the trouble.

Corrupted Firmware

The very first reason why you are not able to access extender settings is corrupted firmware. Maybe you interrupt the firmware process while updating.

Incorrect Log In Details

Usage of incorrect login details also stops you to access the settings of Netgear extender. There is a chance that you make the typos in the credentials.

No Internet Connection

There is a possibility that your device has no internet connection from the router or internet service provider.

Wireless Interference

WiFi interference is that when something is interference your wireless signals. So, maybe your device becomes the victim of wireless interference.

Fix: Unable to Access Extender Settings

Reboot the Extender

Users of Netgear extender perform the reboot process mostly when they experience the issues on their extender. So, we suggest you restart the device before performing any other hack. Maybe you are able to fix the trouble.

Here, we mentioned all the steps to reboot the Netgear extender in fruitful manner:

  • Initially, cut off the power supply of the extender from the electricity source.
  • Thereafter, wait for sometimes to recover the device.
  • Plug the extender back into the electricity source.
  • Now, press the turn on button until the device is stabilized.

Thereafter, try to access the Netgear genie setup to ensure issue is resolved or not. If not, then without thinking more move to the next possible solution.

Check the Internet Connection

Now, you should inspect the internet connection maybe your device internet is working on glacial rate and leads the issues. If you find your internet speed poor then contact the internet service provider. Because ISP block the internet signals sometimes due to maintenance on the networking area. Therefore, contact to the ISP is the best option to fix the issue.

Avoid Wireless Interference

To remove the WiFi interference from the Netgear extender you need to keep you device away from the below mentioned electronic gadgets.

  • Smart TV.
  • Microwave
  • Washing machine
  • Speaker
  • Bluetooth device and many more.

Hence, if you place your device near by the above mentioned device then try to keep the device away from them to remove the WiFi interference.

Update the Browser

You need to update the browser in which you access the default web address of the device because there is a chance that your browser is run on its outdated browser.  So, check the browser update first. If you found it outdated then update it on same time.

Clear the Cache & Cookies

Delete the extra file from the web browser like cache and cookies because these extra files also create the trouble by accessing the default web address of the device. Once you clean all the trash from the browser you will able to access the extender settings.

Use Correct Credentials

To log into the Netgear extender, admin details is the most important part because with the help of them you can able to access the dashboard of the extender. But, if you make the typos in the admin details while typing, then you are not able to access the extender dashboard. So, we suggest you check the details if you found any mistake in the credentials then correct it on same time.

This is how you can fix the issue in hassle free manner. Now you can easily access the settings of the extender via default web address. However, you can also access the extender setting via Nighthawk app and makes the changes according to your comfort.


This is how you can troubleshoot the trouble from the Netgear extender. You just need to follow the above mentioned steps carefully.

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