The Best of God’s Own Country

You may teleport to Kerala by visualising swaying palms, breaking surf, coffee plantations, hill getaways, silent backwaters, paddy fields, and stunning national parks that are home to a wide range of species.


On a vacation that is packed with activities, Kerala, one of India’s most well-known states, may be visited. Kerala, a state in southern India often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” is home to a number of tourist destinations including ayurvedic spas, yoga studios, hill villages, and tea plantations in the Western Ghats highlands. The Kerala Backwaters are another option, which, when done effectively, may provide a tranquil setting for any adventure in Kerala despite their challenges with traffic.


We’ve compiled a list of our travel advice for being aware to help you make the most of your trip to Kerala. The best eco-friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts, community tourism initiatives, wildlife programmes, privately owned restaurants, and much more are included here.



Due to Kerala’s increasing popularity and the fact that its natural beauty is no longer a mystery, a large number of tourists from both domestic and foreign countries have visited. This influx of visitors has created issues for Kerala’s wildlife, environment, and locals due to pollution, overdevelopment, a lack of local empowerment, and a drop in the economic benefits connected with tourism.

The delicate balance of plants and animals has been disturbed by the limited availability of water and other natural resources. In Alleppey, where taking a houseboat tour is high on so many people’s lists of things to do, sights of crowded houseboats, islands of floating plastic, and squalor on top of pitch-black water are frequently seen.


The good news is that there are approaches to visiting Kerala that avoid tourist traps and densely populated areas while also supporting programmes that benefit the locals and the neighbourhood. We offer Kerala’s best environmentally friendly vacation.

You lack the time or are too busy to plan your own journey.


We were only able to take a brief stroll through its magnificent gardens as part of our schedule, despite the fact that it is one of Kerala’s top attractions. Even though tea is undoubtedly the main draw here, the majority of people come to experience the atmosphere and love being surrounded by the beauty of the tea gardens.


Due to its adoption of sustainable practices and attempts to lessen its environmental impact, the Munnar Tea Country Resort is a viable option for a sustainable hotel.


Activities in Thekkady and Periyar

Investigating Periyar: Periyar National Park is a well-known tourist attraction where people come to observe wild elephants, leopards, tigers, and other species. The Western Ghats of Kerala are one of India’s key wildlife refuges. There are numerous ways to explore the national park, but during our visit to Periyar, we discovered that some were noticeably more delightful than others. We enjoyed exploring the park with our local guide in the morning mist (Periyar is one of the few parks you can walk into), and we had a lovely time at Spice Village in Thekkady, Kerala’s most environmentally friendly hotel. The lake ride, however, made us think of a trip to Disney World. The nicest forest retreat in Kerala.

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