Value and Importance of Music

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Music can help someone heal psychologically and emotionally. Music-based meditation is a common technique. When making or hearing music, one has a propensity to forget all of his problems, griefs, and sufferings. But in order to enjoy great music, we must refine our musical tastes. It is said that during the Dwapar Yug, the Gopis would be mesmerised by the music coming from Lord Krishna’s flute. They would completely devote themselves to Him. Additionally, studies have shown that plants that hear music develop more quickly than other plants. Magical powers…

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Importance of Music In Life

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The importance of music in people’s lives cannot be overstated. While listening to the music, we can work or shop. Some archaeologists claim that music existed more than 55000 years ago. Some musicologists claim that man is nature’s best portion and that nature is the source of all music. It is said that the song sung by men in a different form is the music of nature. The sweet and humming tone of nightingale, skylark and cuckoo is the song of nature same like the sound of air, river, thundering…

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