Simple Methods of Jewelry Photo Editing

Methods of Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry photo editing is a service that makes your jewelry items look brighter and more precise, with stones that look more expressive and metals that look more shiny. Jewelry photography is the most demanding and formidable task. But it’s the top solution to increase your sales if you’re in the mainstream business or have an online jewelry eCommerce store.

Jewelry photo retouching service is an editing service that focuses immensely on enhancing the beauty of your photos, fetching luster to art pieces, and illustrating subjects in the best light. You will often notice that various pictures contain jewelry worn opposite a model, mannequin, or something else. 

During this retouching service, pieces of these items can be eliminated to enable the jewelry to be the only background object. You only need photo retouching service software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to execute this task.


Editing Methods For Your Jewelry Images:


Below is a step-by-step jewelry photo editing guide to look at the procedures and variations.


Formula 01: Contrast and Brightness: 

It’s probably the one and the most introductory section to take you to the starting point for editing. If your photo is too dark or underexposed, you’ll need to fetch the brightness. Similarly, you’ll need to lower the brightness if it’s too bright or overexposed. After that, you can post your jewelry photography by adjusting the contrast and brightness to make you stand alone in the market.


Formula 02: White Balance or Color Correction:


DSLRs and modern smartphones are extremely good at color-correcting your photos while taking the shot. But they can be quite a bit off, depending on the situation. So it can be said that this step, while essential, is sometimes not obligate.


Formula 03: Impactful Editing:


Although contrast and brightness are all-embracing, this step is a part of that field. However, the terms and techniques may vary depending on which editing program you desire to use. Some editing applications can apply a ” Luminance ” tool to replace some of the conditions in this segment. The “Camera Raw Panel” has sliders to customize a picture’s whites, blacks, highlights, and shadows. But the foremost necessary process is to reduce highlights and blacks while enhancing shadow and whites.


Formula 04: Masking When Editing:


In a nutshell, masking is a reversible course of action to conceal a portion of a layer or photo except by permanently removing it. Although the mask is slightly sloppy, it reclines on which picture you’re working and what effect you’re trying to achieve, and the slopiness is sturdy to look at in the ultimate product. Black blocks the effect layer, while white empowers the effect layer to display. Light gray enables most (but not all) effect layer areas to expose through. However, dark gray only displays a tiny percentage of the effect.


Formula 05: Healing Brush or Spot Healing:


The healing brush or spot healing is another huge step that you may not always need but might be immensely effective in many cases. Spot Healing is an outstanding tool that isolates photo defects like camera reflections on your jewelry, someone walking in the background while capturing a shot of a model, debris, dust, and many more. To apply this tool you’ll need to brush the field slightly larger than the field you’re demanding to heal.


Formula 06: Cropping:


Sometimes you’ll find that photos aren’t as focused as you’d like them to be. This means that you require to crop the photo to force it to be the principal focus. Since it’s so versatile, Square is a great format. You can find two general formats to use as a reference for cropping your images. For example, you may apply the rule of thirds or let the object be dead center.


Formula 07: Adding a Filter:


Many congratulations to you as you’re currently on the final move of jewelry photo retouching. Including one or more filters in your photos is the utmost manner to make photos not only cohesive glance but also more identifiable on social media. There are so many filters that can be found on Instagram but if none of them can meet your needs, you can download other photo apps or editing programs. On a quick note, they wrapped with plenty of filters for you to select.




So, these are the top and most usable methods to do jewelry photo retouching. To apply these process, you’ll be able to do your jewelry photo editing so smoothly and attractively.


FAQ for Jewelry Photo Retouching:


Q – 01: Briefly describe about jewelry photo retouching?

Ans: In short, it’s a method to enhance the photo quality to attract the valuable market. And this jewelry photo retouching embrace general improvement like background and blemish removal, color correction, and among several others.


Q – 02: What is the basic structure of jewelry photo editing?

Ans: For jewelry photo editing, please follow the below steps:


Formula 01: Contrast and Brightness

Formula 02: White Balance or Color Correction

Formula 03: Impactful Editing

Formula 04: Masking When Editing

Formula 05: Healing Brush or Spot Healing

Formula 06: Cropping

Formula 07: Adding a Filter

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