Linksys Range Extender Ethernet Port Not Working – How to Fix

Due to their ability to provide WiFi signals in the farthest corners of the house, Linksys range extenders have no competition in the market. This is the reason why “n” number of people go for the Linksys range extender setup process. However, there are times when the extender fails to deliver as it promises and the user ends up complaining about the poor WiFi experience. It can happen due to various reasons. But, the non-working status of the extender’s Ethernet port is the most prominent one. Is your Linksys range extender Ethernet port not working? If it is a yes that we’ve sensed then worry not. This is the article that comprises every trick that you need to follow to ensure a smooth wireless networking experience.

Linksys Range Extender Ethernet Port Not Working – Reasons

Troubleshooting the problem without knowing the actual reason causing it will be like wandering in the forest to hunt without a strategy. Getting acquainted with the reasons will help you formulate a perfect strategy that will help you fruitfully address the issue. Given below are the reasons that might have caused the Ethernet port problem with your Linksys range extender:

  1. Weak Connections

Perhaps, the port of your WiFi device is working in real. But, you have declared it spare because of a weak connection created by you. Know that creating weak Ethernet connections will create the illusion of non-working status of the Ethernet port. Chances are also that the cable used by you is damaged.

  1. Dirt and Dust

Your WiFi range extender is a networking device and it needs to be cleaned every now and then so that dust does not get accumulated over its hardware unit. But, it seems that you thumbed your nose at this basic rule due to which the ports of your extender have got covered with dust making you feel like they are not working.

  1. Damaged Port

The third reason behind the Linksys range extender Ethernet port not working problem might be the port itself. Yes, you read it right. There is a high possibility that the port you have used for establishing a wired connection is damaged and won’t be able to work properly again.

Enough about the reasons! Now, let’s focus on the techniques using which resolving the issue will become possible for you. We advise you to access the http // setup on the device accessing the extender using a wired connection after you’re done implementing every troubleshooting technique. It will help you identify whether the issue is still there or not.

Linksys Range Extender Ethernet Port Not Working – Fixes

  1. Create Strong Connections

The very first thing you can do to fix the Ethernet-related issue with your range extender is to create finger-tight cable connections. It will ensure that the signal propagation between your devices is proper. Also, ensure that the cable used by you is not damaged from anywhere. You cannot expect a damaged Ethernet cable to do the signal transmission job for you.

  1. Clean the Ethernet Ports

As mentioned in the section revealing the reasons behind the Linksys range extender Ethernet port not working issue; dirt and dust also play a pivotal role in creating the issue,  you must clean the extender. With that said, pick a soft cotton cloth and clean the dust and dirt accumulated on every part of your extender. Moreover, ensure that the extender sits in a neat and clean but ventilated room.

  1. Use Another Port

If none of the above-mentioned tips have helped you to resolve the issue, then there is a high chance that the port of your extender has become damaged. What you are supposed to do in this scenario is to get the port fixed or make use of another one [if there’s any spare Ethernet port available on the extender].


The Bottom Line

That’s all about what to do in order to address the Linksys range extender Ethernet port not working issue. Here, you learned that the ports of your extender need to be neat and clean to ensure proper working. You should also ensure that the cables used by you are non-damaged.

Therefore, to make sure that you do not face such an issue in the future, keep the aforementioned points in mind and have a beautiful networking experience with your WiFi device. However, we would also like you to reboot your extender on a regular basis. It is because doing so will keep technical glitches away from your extender that has the ability to push you into the mess of some serious extender-related issues. The non-working status of the Ethernet port was just one. Thanks for reading the post.

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