Layers of Winter from Chrome Hearts

Winter is a season when everyone just wants to snuggle inside a blanket and have a cup of hot chocolate. No one dares to come out of that fluffy, warm and comfortable sweatshirt and hoodie, especially when it is made of the high-quality materials that Chrome Heart offers. Today, I am here to add ideas on how you can layer the newest low price offer on chrome hearts hoodie with your daily winter essentials. 

It is essential to choose the right base layer and outer layer for your winter outfit to keep you warm throughout the day. From the wide range of Chrome Hearts I  have selected some amazing pieces that gives an extremely warm look in the breezy winter. These are my highly personal favourite that help me match up with every style I need to ho for a quick date or a movie night at a friend’s place. 

1- Classic White T-shirts

Chrome Hearts Gradient Logo T-shirts

The first choice is a classic white shirt which acts as a standard play card. It fits almost all colour combinations and is an excellent puck to wear inside a heavy jacket. Chrome Heart Tee gives a comfortable feel to the skin. I just want to wear it every day and everywhere. Any summer shirt is a great base layer and can be adjusted with different colour hoodies and jackets from Chrome Hearts. 

2- Chrome Heart Orange Sweatshirt 

GOAT Chrome Hearts x Off-White Damage Hoodie

The next best find is the outer layer of an orange sweatshirt. Orange is the most underrated colour. The tangy orangy look makes you feel vibrant and lifts the mood. Chrome Hearts orange jacket is a colour you would never find because it’s perfect to fit any type of jeans. Well, I like to pair it with rugged jeans to give a dude vibe.  Some shirts designed for warm weather spread the moisture out through the fabric, where evaporation helps with cooling. After pairing it up everyone just fell in love with Chrome Hearts shade ( some might have even ordered). They won’t be marketed as a base layer, but as your next-to-skin layer, they can increase your comfort in hot conditions.

3- Chrome Hearts Hoodie

My next choice is not something new, but the material Chrome Heart just feels over the top. Sometimes you just pick a piece of clothing and wear it again and again and again… yes, this is that hoodie that I will never get rid of. The upper layer hoodie I bought from the men’s collections can be paired with a tight fit or broad-fitting jeans. It’s just the classiest colour. The good thing about it is that if you are bored, you can change the colour as there are five additional options, even though I can’t get over the collection.

4- Chrome Hearts Classical Cap 

Chrome Heart Made In Hollywood Trucker Black

 The accessory adds glitches and makes people’s eyes turn over. The classic black cap is Chrome Heart’s finest design which fits any type of clothing and gives a powerful look. It saves you from the sun and brings in extra shine. THe cap gives acool and an exclusive cool vibe which not many can match. 

5- Chrome Hearts Patchwork Hoodie

Chrome Hearts AW19 Patchwork Hoodie

Well who doesn’t like an iconic grey shelter over their body ?. This light color is always my first pick even though I placed it in the last. The last but the most special place. The hoodie is my go to and I always want to pair it with my best jeans. The Chrome Hearts hoodie is a must have for parties and casual events. The exclusive fit it has and the comfort it gives makes it a great match. 

After having bought many clothes the ones bought from Chrome Hearts are the ones I wear daily. The products from Chrome Hearts are a fit for all and are designed to be gender-neutral. The layering can be styled with several options. Well, I mentioned my best picks. I would love to know your best preference from Chrome Hearts.

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