Is Your Linksys Router Not Showing 5GHz? Try These Tips!

With the advent of dual-band frequencies, networking has become quite easy. Now, users can easily access the internet on devices supporting the respective frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. However, it has been found that Linksys router users are unable to do so because of the 5GHz wireless band not showing up problem. In case you are also having a bad time due to the same problem, the Linksys router troubleshooting guide has arrived. Read the tips mentioned here and learn how they can help you fix the problem.

Why Is Your Linksys Router Not Showing 5GHz?

Before letting you know about the tactics to fix the issue, we would like to shed some light on the reasons behind it. Give them a read so that troubleshooting the issue becomes a cakewalk for you:

  • The Linksys router is not sharing a strong wired connection with the existing access point.

  • Technical glitches have overpowered your wireless router’s ability to show its radio bands.

  • Your Linksys WiFi router is placed outside the boundary line of signals of the modem.

  • The software i.e. the firmware of your wireless router has become out-of-date.

  • Your router’s signals are getting deflected or completely blocked.

  • Lastly, an incomplete router setup process can also be the reason why the 5GHz band is not showing up.

Now you might be eager to know how to get the 5GHz band problem resolved. Thus, walk through the next section and learn how to do so. We advise you follow the troubleshooting steps carefully. Otherwise, the appearance of the 5GHz radio band will remain a dream for you.

What to Do When Linksys Router is Not Showing 5GHz?

  • Cross-check Wired Connections

As mentioned that a weak wired connection between your Linksys router and modem can open the doors for the issue you are currently facing, have a tab on the wired linked to your device. Particularly, the Ethernet cable joining your router and modem! If it passed the test of being damage-free, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, you’ve no other escape than replacing it. However, you are also supposed to take care of the fact that the Ethernet connection remains finger-tight.

  • Restart Your Wireless Router

When it comes to technical glitches, a simple restart will be able to fix them. FYI, rebooting and technical glitches are opponents of each other where the combat is always won by the former. This is why experts prefer rebooting as the first solution to fix the Linksys Velop login issue. Thus, you are supposed to do the same with your WiFi router. In this process, your main focus must be on providing some rest to your Linksys device after plugging it out of the power outlet. However, you need to connect it back once you’re sure that the glitches have settled.

  • Reduce the Router-Modem Distance

The next step you can take to fix the Linksys router not showing 5GHz band problem is to reduce the value of the distance separating your device from the modem. Perhaps, it is so much that both your devices can’t propagate their signals properly. But, while reducing the distance, take care of the fact that the distance can’t be made zero. Otherwise, forget about fixing the current issue, you’ll get trapped in another mudhole of Linksys issues.

  • Perform Linksys Firmware Update

Let us tell you a fact; the firmware of your Linksys instructs its hardware. It means if your Linksys router is not showing 5GHz band then the culprit might be an outdated firmware too. Thus, get it updated. You can update the router’s firmware using your favorite device (laptop, computer, or mobile phone. Laptop and PC users can access myrouter.local for the same. On the other hand, the Linksys application is there for mobile users.

  • Remove WiFi Blockages

If the paths of your router’s signals are getting blocked, then getting the 5GHz band not appearing issue can be treated as a starter. Before a bigger issue ruins your networking experience, move your device to a new location. Especially, to the place where there are minimum chances of WiFi interference. To be specific, keep the router at a few meters distance from reflexive surfaces and heavy electrical gadgets.

With the last hack, the time to put a full stop to the troubleshooting guide has finally arrived. Just in case the issue is still there on your back, the incomplete configuration is the reason to be blamed. In that scenario, consider doing a reset of the router and reconfiguring it by accessing the Linksys router login page.

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