How to Select Mattresses for Various Dubai Climates?

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Analyze the climate patterns in your area to select the best mattress for you. You would already know what you need in a mattress if you have lived in the area for a sufficient amount of time.

Temperature is rarely taken into account when purchasing  beds Dubai. When you live in a hot climate, however, it greatly improves your sleep comfort if your mattress does not accumulate heat.

If you want the best temperature-neutral mattress, latex can be your best option. You can select a latex mattress with top layers made of more temperature-neutral materials like natural fiber. In premium mattresses, look for a quilting layer made of silk, linen, wool, and horsehair that is more breathable.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still need a mattress that is more temperature neutral than high-density foam mattresses, the Bonnell and pocket spring mattress might be the second best option. Even after removing some of the advantages of the spring base in terms of air circulation, the comfort of the Bonnet and pocket spring mattresses will still be provided by memory foam. You should also look for comfort and quilting layers in these mattresses that are make up of materials that are easier to breathe through.

Despite being among the most affordable and comfortable mattresses on the market, memory foam sleeps hotter than latex and spring mattresses. The higher the density of the memory foam, the hotter it will sleep in. The mattresses sleep even hotter when the top layers are make of high-density foam. To get a good night’s sleep on a memory foam mattress, you’ll need to use air conditioners or other temperature control devices to keep the room cool if you live in an area with hot weather all year.


When you adjust the ambient temperature of your room, high-quality mattresses also adjust to the temperature, so you can sleep comfortably in a temperature-controlled environment. But if you can’t control the temperature in your room, you need a mattress that doesn’t make things hot or cold any more.

If you sleep too hot or too cold at night, it can be difficult to fall asleep. The lack of sleep may eventually have an effect on your daily life. Understanding how the aforementioned materials interact with your body and selecting the best mattress for your type of body is the best way to select the appropriate mattress for a particular climate.

Additionally, materials that sleep hot or cold are not necessarily bad. Actually, this is only one area in which they fall short. For example, memory foam has a lot of benefits, and 90% of people who sleep on them don’t have any problems. However, when people are specifically ask how hot they sleep on these mattresses, only 10% of people say that they have problems trapping heat. This ratio will be less than 5% for latex mattresses.

Your overall quality of sleep is also influenced by other accessories like bed linen UAE, comforters, blankets, and pillows, in addition to the mattress itself. Therefore, in order to get the best sleep possible, when you purchase your temperature-neutral mattress, ensure that you do not top it off with accessories made of materials that are not breathable.


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