How to Reset Rock Space WiFi Extender?

reset Rock space WiFi extender

There can be a vast number of reasons why users are forced to reset Rock space WiFi extender. The reasons may range from improper extender setup to firmware update failed issue, poor internet connectivity to lost or forgotten extender password. No matter whatever the reason is, know that we have got you covered. Here, in this post, we will provide you with the exact instructions to reset your Rockspace WiFi range extender with ease. Let’s start over!

Instructions to Reset Rockspace Extender

Nobody ever wishes for resetting their WiFi device, be it router, extender, or smartphone. Everyone knows that resetting will delete all their personalized settings, and that is not a good thing. Resetting is the last step to fix any issue. If you are on this post, then you might have tried everything to get a fix for the issue whatsoever you are experiencing with your Rockspace extender but nothing worked. Is that correct? No worries! Before resetting your Rockspace extender, please take the backup of its settings. And, once you are done with that, follow the instructions highlighted below and know how to reset the Rock space WiFi extender.

Pro Tip: Please follow and apply the reset instructions very carefully. The reason is, if you are unable to reset your Rockspace extender properly, then no fix can save you from ”can’t reset Rockspace WiFi extender” issue, neither updating extender’s firmware nor rebooting (power cycling) it. What can save you? Following the exact process of resetting Rockspace WiFi extender.

Step 1: First of all, you have to disconnect your Rockspace WiFi extender and router. Take your time and once you are done with this, locate and press the extender’s reset hole and wait for some time.

Step 2: Give your Rockspace WiFi extender a couple of minutes to boot up properly.

And, that’s it! In this way, you can reset your Rockspace WiFi range extender. Now, the Rockspace extender’s username and password are set back to default. So, refer to Rockspace WiFi extender manual, get the default login details, and reconfigure it. On the off chance, you don’t want to go with the manual configuration process, apply the WPS method to configure your Rockspace WiFi extender. For this, press the WPS button on your extender and then apply the same process on your host router as well.

Things to do After Resetting Extender


As we have already told you this, after resetting Rockspace WiFi extender, all the personalized settings will also get deleted, right? And, we also asked you to take the extender’s setting back up. Hope you did so? Now, what you have to do:

  • The extender’s username and password are now set as default after resetting, don’t they? After configuring your extender, change them right away and note them down somewhere safe.
  • Update the Rockspace extender’s firmware to take its performance to the next level.

Note: Firmware update failed or corrupted error also forces users to reset their extender. So, download and install the firmware right away. But, ensure to keep your Rockspace extender’s model number into consideration prior to executing the firmware update process.

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