Facing Issue while Syncing Orbi Satellite to Router?

Netgear Orbi and satellite have made it extremely easy for users to access internet on their connected devices all over the house. Apart from this outstanding WiFi performance, users are experiencing that they are facing issue while syncing Orbi satellite with their router. If you are also among them, then you are lucky that Google and redirected you on the correct blog.

Here, in this post, we will provide you the best troubleshooting tips following which syncing Orbi satellite to router will be easier for you. Thus, without much delay, let’s get started to fix the issue, shall we? If yes, let’s get the ball rolling.

How to Sync Orbi Satellite to Router?

Plug In Your Devices Properly

The first step to be applied by you is to ensure that your Orbi, satellite, and your router and receiving a continuous power supply. Apart from that, also make sure that the wall sockets in which your devices are plugged in are well working.

Note: Inadequate power supply and use of damaged wall outlet will give you issues while syncing Orbi satellite to your router.

Your Orbi Satellite and Not Synced

If you want to sync Orbi satellite to your router, then first you need to sync them (Orbi and satellite) with each other.

How to sync Orbi Satellite? The process of syncing Orbi satellite is very simple. Just press the sync button on your Orbi, wait for a few minutes, and then press the sync button on your satellite. After a few minutes, you will see that your Orbi and satellite are successfully synced.

Now, for connecting them to router, kindly get two Ethernet cables. Connect one end of the cable to your Orbi and other end of the cable to your router.

Once you are done doing with this process, grab another cable. Connect one end of the cable to the satellite and other end to your router.

And, thus, Your Orbi satellite is successfully synced to your router.

Still No Luck?

Nothing bring you luck to synced Orbi satellite to your router? No worries! Just restart your devices once. Her are the instructions to be followed by you.

  • First of all, you have to disconnect all the three devices (Orbi, satellite, and router) from each other.

  • Then, you have to turn them off one by one. We suggest you turn off your router first.

  • Wait for some time.

  • Now, plug in your router and then your Orbi satellite.

  • Allow the LEDs on your Orbi satellite become stable.

Outdated Firmware

Another reason that might be giving you issues while syncing Orbi satellite to router is the outdated firmware version. So, to deal with the issue, and to make the most out of your devices, update their firmware to the latest version right away.

Thus, to update the firmware of your Orbi satellite, login to the Orbi app using valid Orbi admin login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions. While updating the Orbi satellite firmware, don’t forget to provide the model number (if asked). And, for updating your router, in such a case, we suggest you contact your service provider. He will suggest you better.

Improper Setup

Chances are your Orbi satellite and not configured in a proper way and because of that you are getting issues while syncing Orbi satellite to router. For fixing it, just reset your Orbi satellite back to factory default values.

To do so, press and hold the factory reset hole on your Orbi and release it.

Apply the same process on your satellite as well.

Once you are done with resetting Orbi satellite, configure them again from the satellite. Don’t worry! Let us provide you the easiest method to configure them. Want to know what is that method? Well, configuring the Orbi satellite using the WPS method.

  • First of all, press the WPS button on your Orbi.

  • Wait for a few minutes.

  • Press the WPS button on your satellite.

Thus, your Orbi and satellite are successfully configured.

Now, see if you can sync your Orbi satellite to your router. We hope that the same issue is not troubling you anymore.


So, our article on how to troubleshoot the issue ends here. We hope that you are not facing issues while syncing Orbi satellite to router. Good Luck!

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