Building trust is crucial for a successful rebrand

Rose Marie Swanson: A Case Study

Once you have decided to refresh your brand, it is likely that you will already have a lot of trust.

If you fail to do everything you can to protect what you have already created, your customers could quickly become disillusioned and lose any trust that they may have in you.

This is even more true if you are the owner of a trusted brand.

You rebrand because you are changing something people depend on, something they identify with, and something they love.

If you deviate too far from the familiar branding, customers may become confused, and your brand may become less recognizable.You also run the risk of ruining everything you have worked so hard for.

Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about how to make a successful rebrand and a case study of how we did it for one of our clients.

It was a delicate balancing act.When Rose Marie Swanson asked for us to completely redesign her brand, it quickly became a delicate balance act due to the nature and purpose of what she does.

Rose Marie is one of our longest-standing clients. She started with us in 2015, when she built her first website.

She has been a well-known figure in her field for many decades and was well-known before she reached out to us.

Before I go on, let me explain Rose Marie’s offer so that you are able to understand it.

Rose Marie is a spiritual coach.

But, what’s the point?

Rose Marie offers a coaching and counseling service that focuses more on the spiritual side of things.

  • This could be helping someone discover their purpose in life, deal with past trauma, or learn how to stop self-sabotage and unlock their full potential.
  • Rose Marie will help you resolve any spiritual issues that are affecting your life.
  • She does this a lot using unconventional, often esoteric, methods that are not commonly promoted in mainstream media. Unfortunately, many people consider this stuff to be quack medicine.
  • Before we started the process of rebranding her offer, it was already difficult to communicate without sounding too woo-woo. With so many people skeptical about her work, it was also difficult to build trust in her brand.
  • However, we didn’t want to erode the trust we had earned when we rebranded Rose Marie.
  • We also had to communicate her offer to a new audience and promote her brand, many of whom had never heard of her.

If you are wondering how we did it all, I have listed every aspect of Rose Marie’s new branding and how we maintained trust in each of these areas.

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  • Brand Identity Rose Marie had thought for some time about changing her brand identity to target a new audience. However, we only started serious discussions about this issue earlier in the year.
  • She had previously mentioned her desire to work with abused females, particularly because she was the victim as a child of severe abuse by several family members.
  • However, considering how personal and damaging this information could have been to her family, she hesitated about rebranding.
  • As we were working on the brand analysis, she was still unsure if she wanted this to be shared. I tried to push her, because I believed it was the right choice.
  • As a child, she was subject to extreme trauma and suffered its effects throughout her adult life. She wanted to help other women recover from the trauma that they had experienced.

She finally took the plunge and decided to do it.

We knew that helping Rose Marie establish an emotional connection with potential clients was the best way to help her. This would be done by being honest and open about the abuse she suffered as a child.

We chose not to get into the details as they might trigger some people and have a negative impact.

However, her About page clearly states that she was abused as a child by many members of her family. So, you can see that we didn’t sugarcoat the truth.

  • Rose Marie’s rebranding should have inherently encouraged trust, as she shared personal stories about her traumas and how they relate to what she does.
  • This should, in theory, show that she can relate to clients and help them heal from trauma.
  • Unfortunately, it might not be so for some of the more cynical individuals out there.
  • As you can see, we tried our best to keep her brand intact and not alienate her followers.
  • Website Design & Development Rose Marie would not have chosen to do a radical rebrand. However, her website still needed a complete overhaul.
  • It has been almost eight years since her first website was created. As you can see, it was starting to show its age.
  • It was dated and overstuffed, and the language it used wasn’t helping Rose Marie and certainly wasn’t speaking to abused ladies.
  • A website that looks tired and outdated is not a sign of trustworthiness. This could make Rose Marie less trustworthy.
  • We immediately began work on her website redesign, and it looks great!
  • We made changes to almost everything: the copy, design, and imagery were all revised. The logo was also created.
  • It is modern, clean, well-organized, and modern. This speaks to the needs of her ideal clients and puts more emphasis on them than Rose Marie.
  • We made sure to not change our original design despite these changes.
  • The navigation on her website is almost identical to the one she used before. We changed the name from Spiritual Coaching to Coaching Services because we believe it better describes what she does.
  • We also kept her name and photo front and center, made sure her photo was visible above folds, kept the water theme alive, and used the blue, gold, and white colors.
  • We were able to ensure that she was not misled or alienated by our actions.
  • Lead Generation Rose Marie had an old website that featured a lead generator as part of her efforts to get people to sign up for her newsletter.
  • We decided that it was too broad and didn’t speak to the new audience of Rose Marie, who were abused women.
  • To complement her website redesign, we also created an e-book giveaway to give away a free book. This allowed her to reach new audiences and show her expertise.

Freedom from Failure: 7 Steps to Expose Your Limitations and Create Your Success

It took a lot of time to figure out what this e-book would have.

  • After a few brainstorming sessions, we decided to tap into Rose Marie’s pain points, create an emotional connection, share some stories about Rose Marie’s abuse, and then offer a seven-step process that will help them deal with their own problems.
  • Although it’s a different design from her previous giveaway, we tried to keep Rose Marie’s visual brand intact. We kept her old colors and included her name on the cover.
  • Logo Redesign Rose Marie asked us to redesign her logo as part of her brand overhaul.
  • She loved the look of it already, and it was definitely a recognizable aspect of her brand. We tried to minimize the changes.
  • We kept the water theme, the rings, and the triangle so that we did not depart from the original logo.
  • The holy trinity is represented by the triangle and the rings. This symbol is closely related to Rose Marie’s work.
  • Images of water are soothing, and the rings symbolize completeness or wholeness. All of these aspects show how Rose Marie will make people feel when they work with her.
  • These elements make Rose Marie’s brand unique, and all are deeply connected to Rose Marie’s services. It wouldn’t make sense to alter any of these things anyway.
  • However, even if she had asked me to redo her logo completely from scratch, I might have advised her against doing so for fear that her brand would be diluted.
  • Marketing collateral We also refreshed Rose Marie’s website, brand identity, lead generator, and logo. Many elements of Rose Marie’s marketing were also redesigned.
  • One example is a series that she sells called guided meditations. However, the imagery used was not very impressive.
  • We decided to create new imagery. It makes all the difference.
  • The old image is a photograph of the packaging for the program. It doesn’t match her brand design from a design perspective.
  • The new version has more appealing imagery, which is better aligned with her brand and more representative of the program’s intended audience.
  • We also redo Rose Marie’s social media banners as well as the header and footer banners in her newsletter.
  • We also created printable materials for Rose Marie, such as business cards and a speaker sheet, to help her promote her podcast appearance.
  • Rose Marie’s brand is evident in all of this marketing collateral, including the use of blue, white, and gold colors.
  • The few elements that did not align with her visual brand were changed to make them work.
  • All things considered, Rose Marie was extremely happy with her rebrand. She loved the consistency and completeness with which she created her branding and marketing.

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