Arlo App For iPhone Not Working? Let’s Get It Fixed!


Arlo secure app allows its users to access the features of the Arlo security camera remotely. The Arlo camera users can keep an eye on the activities and moments happening around them or within the premises of their homes. When you use the Arlo secure app for your iPhone or Android device, you can secure your home and even answer the doorbell. But, sometimes, users face errors while using the Arlo app, especially on their iPhones. Are you also struggling with the Arlo app for iPhone not working issue? If yes, then there is nothing to get worried about. In this article, we have provided a number of possible fixes following which troubleshooting the issue will be as easy as counting 123 for you. Hence, keep reading!

Fixed: Arlo App for iPhone Not Working

Fix 1: Connect Your Arlo Camera and Router

First things first, ensure that your Arlo security camera is connected to your host router. Keep in mind, if your devices (Arlo and router) are not communicating with each other in a proper way, then you will surely get issues while accessing the Arlo app on your iPhone.

How to connect them? You can either connect your devices in a wireless manner or use a wired source. On the other hand, make sure that the router is configured in a proper way and that the firmware version on it is up-to-date. Why? If your router is not configured, then how will you access its WiFi range? And, regarding firmware update, it is very important to update your router because the latest version of firmware helps in improving device performance, functionality, stability, and overall WiFi speed.

Fix 2: Call Your ISP

Be certain that the internet range you are receiving from your service provider end isn’t poor. Keep in mind this important fix always that if your internet connection is poor, then you will surely get issues while accessing the Arlo app on your iPhone. So, you need to call your ISP now and ask him to provide you a better internet speed.

Fix 3: Update Your iPhone’s Software

Your iPhone’s software must be up-to-date. If it is not, then update it right away. Once the software on your device gets installed, it (the iPhone) reboots automatically. After your iPhone gets restarted, ensure that it is accessing your router’s WiFi network name (SSID).

Fix 4: Check the App’s Version

Download the correct version of the Arlo app as per the version available for your iPhone. On the off chance, you have downloaded and installed the correct version and the app is still not working for you, then you need to uninstall the app, restart your iPhone, and reinstall the app again.

And, if you have already downloaded the correct version of the Arlo app for your iPhone, ensure to update it.

Fix 5: Clear Arlo App’s Cache

Clear the app’s cache and ensure that your iPhone isn’t loaded with junk files, unnecessary data, or other installed apps like Amazon, Netflix, etc. By any chance, if your iPhone has the lot of stuff loaded or downloaded on it, then it will not let the Arlo secure app smoothly. Try this fix and see if the Arlo app for iPhone has started working for you or not.

Fix 6: Verify Arlo Login Credentials

You might be getting issues while accessing the Arlo app the login credentials used by you are incorrect. Therefore, ensure that the Arlo login details entered by you to access the Arlo app are correct. Also if you have changed the login details of the Arlo app, bear in mind to use the personalized one.

Still No Luck?

Reset Your Arlo And Reconfigure Your Arlo

Still you are unable to access the Arlo app? Even after a lot of trials, the Arlo app for iPhone is still not working for you? Need not to worry! It could be Arlo setup issues. Chances are you have not configured your Arlo security camera in a proper way. Don’t sweat over it! To do away with the setup-related issues, resetting your Arlo device is highly recommended.

Thus, to reset your Arlo, just press the sync button on it, hold it for a couple of seconds, and release it. Wait for the Arlo camera’s LED to start blinking. As soon as the LED gets stable, perform the Arlo setup process from the scratch. Now, download and install the Arlo app on your iPhone again. Link your Arlo camera to the app.

This time, we are sure that the Arlo app has started working for you on your iPhone.

To Conclude

Walking through the tested and proven hacks in the article, you will be able to get rid of the “Arlo app for iPhone not working” issue. We anticipate that you are able to do away with the problem on your own.

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