Angela White: Things You Must Read About Her

Real name: Angela White

Age- 37

DOB: March 4, 1985

Birth Place: Sydney, Australia

Marital Status: Not Married

Profession: Adult Film Actress

Education: first-class honours degree in gender studies

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Profession: Adult Film Actress

Film Actress

  • The Facts about Angela White
  • Just after turning 18, she began to enter pornographic material.
  • Angela was interested in porn for a long period of time. “The first time I saw pornography, I knew I had to be a part of it,” she said.
  • Angela White, is she an alcoholic? Yes.
  • According to her, pornography is a way to celebrate. “I observed individuals in the film having sexual relations with different people in various locations, different people of different genders, and it was acknowledged,” she said.
  • She was an outstanding student, graduated with distinction, and was keen to earn her PhD.
  • In 2007, Angela was named Score Magazine’s voluptuous model of the year.
  • In November of 2013, Angela launched her official web site:
  • Angela ran for the Australian Sex Party (now the Reason Party) in the 2010 Victorian State Election.
  • In 2011, Angela was awarded Score Magazine’s Hardcore Performer of the Year.

Angela White Life

Angela White, an Australian porn actress, is at the top of her field. In addition to porn, she manages her own blog and website, holds an honors degree in gender studies, and has even run for office in her country of birth.

1. White has said that she’s wanted to be a porn actress for quite some time. “The first time I saw pornography, I knew I had to explore porn,” she said.

2. She also felt compelled to get into the adult entertainment business because of negative comments she received regarding her sexuality. “I was bisexual and openly identified as a teenager, and, in high school, I was ridiculed for being a slut as well as being a lesbian,” she said. “Basically, I didn’t understand my sexuality.”

3. White stated that once these attitudes shift, doors will be opened to women. “If we can alter the perceptions of society and recognize both genders as equal on the same level, I’m sure more women will join the business as directors, producers, as well as in higher-up positions within businesses,” she said.

4. White believes that pornography is an opportunity to celebrate. “I observed women on screens sharing sexual relations with multiple people in various locations, different genders, and it was widely celebrated,” she said.

5. Accepting your sexuality is extremely vital, she said. “I think that owning the sexual identity of your partner, being willing to accept and love your sexuality are essential to your entire existence,” White said.

6. The most common misconceptions about porn and porn stars White’s point of view? abuse of drugs, sexual assault as a child, or the need to make money.

7. White stated that she believes that Western culture needs to be more welcoming to sexuality. “We are all born with sexual urges; however, in our culture, those sexual desires are often repressed or viewed as a negative thing,” she said.

8. She also said that sex should never be considered an evil thing. “I always portray the sexuality of my movies as good,” White said.

9. She insists on using her real name for porn. “It was an expression of my political beliefs to actually choose to use my actual name on the videos that I perform, as there is no shame in what I do,” White said.

10. White explained that in order to film a successful scene, an emotional bond is required. “For me personally, I would like to show the level of connection we achieve in our global community,” White said.

11. She’s a graduate of the college and studied gender studies and gender at Melbourne’s University of Melbourne.

12. She was an outstanding student and was awarded an honors degree, and she plans to return to earn her Ph.D.

13. White is a strong feminist. “I consider myself feminist, definitely. Being a woman on the set, I make my own decisions that are my own, my decisions,” she said.

14. She was a candidate for office for the Sex Party in Australian state elections to advocate for the rights of sex workers.

15. She stated that she did not run in hopes of winning. “My goal wasn’t to be victorious. I wanted to ensure Kathleen Maltzahn (a candidate who would like to criminalise sexwork) did not take the crown,” White said.

16. White stated that she is proud of her freedom. “I believe that the foremost thing to consider is for everyone in the business to make their own decisions,” she said.

17. White said she has complete control over her workplace. “I am in complete control of every aspect of my work,” White said.

18. She is among the few women in the industry who operate their own website and blog, as well as act as producers and directors.

19. Even if she weren’t an actor, White said she would continue to be involved in the adult world. “I completed my dissertation on women’s Australian encounters in the porn industry, and when I didn’t perform, I would be either producing, directing, or doing research,” she said.

20. She believes that the gender norms outside of porn may be changed in the porn industry. “The primary reason why I think the industry is dominated by men is that there’s such a stigma around sexuality and femininity,” White said.

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